Considering the importance and necessity of expanding sustainable economic relations with Moslem nations, in particular with Southeast Asian countries, the Faculty of Entrepreneurship of the University of Tehran has planned to organize an International Conference on “Investment and Opportunities during the Post- Sanctions Era in Iran ”

Through the joint efforts of the UTM, Malaysia Ministry of Economics, MIDA (the Malaysia Investment Development Authority) and Investors and entrepreneurs from ASEAN and the Iranian organizations including the Organization of Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran, Iranian Chamber of Commerce and Iranian Embassy in Malaysia. This conference will be hosted by Malaysia and will be held in the MIDA Conference Center in Kuala Lumpur on July 26-27, 2015. It will basically pursue the following goals:

- The recognition of investment opportunities in SMEs and large companies in Iran by investors from ASEAN countries, in particular, for transfer of technical know-how and expertise;

- Establishment of industrial and trade relations

- Organizing conducted tours to visit the successful Malaysian business firms and entreprises